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End of 2010 to Life in 2011

On November 10th, Andrew and Alicia came down to Calgary to go to a Remembrance Day ceremony with me! It was amazing. I thought a lot about Chad Horn and his Funeral. It was very beautiful. A Soldier's funeral is very emotional, whether or not you knew the person, the pictures that went across the screen in a slide-show presentation made that person a little clearer and helped people like me understand and know more of who he was. THANK YOU CHAD AND ALL OTHER SOLDIERS WHO PASSED AWAY,  FOR ALL YOU DID!! You're work here is done, you can rest now. Please continue to watch over all those Soldiers who are still serving or who are currently training and preparing head to Afghanistan.

Brian went to Afghanistan on October 6th, 2009, a year after Chad was killed.Brian was gone for 6ish months. It was a very hard time... wrote more in my facebook about it. He's on Canadian Soil now - might be getting deployed to Africa in the next little while.

I'm sponsoring a Soldier who is currently serving in Afghanistan. he's from Quebec which is pretty cool. I'll have to learn French I think, lol. Gives me the opportunity at least to learn a new language. I sent 2 boxes to my Chosen Soldier and was able to get a Canadian Flag signed by various people in Calgary and Edmonton. Some companies in Northern Alberta even donated goodies for him and people here in Calgary donated goodies as well as needs. Also raised $85 to go out and spend on things for my Soldier too - and his buddies. I put more than enough of everything in so that he can share. I wrote him a letter too. Throughout Alberta, people gave me pins to put on the flag, I thought that was pretty neat too! I'll post a picture along with this post (if LJ will let me). Sdt. B. Long be leaving Afghanistan on June 1st, 2011 for the end of the combat mission. From there, we'll be there to do training only until 2014. My cousin Tristan will be going to Kandahar in June to start the training mission. They will be training Afghan Police and Military.

We recently had three cats pass way due to old age - each one just as hard as the other...
Rocky Balboa - November 10th, 2010
Parker - January 11th, 2011
Gizmo - January 20th, 2012

On November 10th around 4pm, I realized I hadn't seen Rocky all day so I went looking for him. Because of the way he had been acting days previous, I got quite concerned. I look in my room, spare room then mum's room... and there lay Rocky under the makeup table of mum's. Sulley watched over him, I just know it. I also believe that Gizmo checked on Rocky at times too... Gizmo would come in my room from time to time, which never happens really. And he cuddled up with me every time. Mum found a box for me to put Rocky in. Andrew brought the box up - I wrapped Rocky up in his blanket and held him for a few minutes. Jodie came upstairs to say goodbye before I put him in the box. Andrew and mum both said their goodbye's also. We placed Rocky in his box and then took him out to the garage. On November 11th, after the Remembrance Day ceremony, Andrew  went with me to take Rocky's body to the vet. That was really hard. Thank-goodness I had Andrew there because I have never had a loved fur person pass away at home. None of us really knew what to do. After that, I was off to Edmonton to take care of Takoda and Andrew's apartment while him and Alicia went back to Toronto for a visit. Alicia went for the weekend then stayed at her boss' place for the week Andrew was gone. He was home for 9 days! I was so proud of him for taking time off and being with his family.

Christmas was great... felt a little weird with Rocky not being there though. Alicia went to Florida and Toronto for Christmas. Andrew spent Christmas with us, he was here for FIVE day!!!! I was so thrilled about that. It was a great time - reminded me of the old days. Oh how I miss those! New Years, I sat in my room watching Criminal Minds - it was awesome. I also went to bed fairly early too. Mum and Jodie were on the main floor watching TV or a movie or something, lol. Either way, it was a good night for all of us.

January 11th, 2011... I woke up to a text message from Jodie asking me to check on Parker. She said that she tried to give him some water but he couldn't move. She put a blanket on him to keep him warm. The text was sent just after 8:30am... I went down at 9:30am and Parker had passed away. I was heart broken! Parker had passed away within that hour. I sent Jodie a text message letting her know and I also talked to mum so that she knew as well. I left Parker where he died all covered up in Jodie's pink Playboy bunny blanket. After Jodie had the chance to say goodbye, went to find a box to put him in. I was so proud of Jodie because she held Parker in her arms for a couple minutes then put him in the box herself. I then took Parker and put him in the garage where the next day I'd take him to the vet.

January 20th, 2011 I got a phone call around 5:00pm from mum ... right then I knew something was wrong because she never calls me. She informed me that Gizmo had passed away. I was with Andrew and Alicia just about to go get some stuff from Safeway when I got the call. As soon as she told me I burst out in tears - Andrew asked Alicia to leave because she was being overwhelming for both of us and that's not what I needed at that moment. I was silent on the phone for a few seconds then asked how he died. The hardest part of all of this was that I was in Edmonton, not Calgary. I didn't get to say goodbye. Mum was right in the sense that she didn't think he'd make it til I got home when I talked to her on Tuesday or something like that. Totally not good. But, at least I was with Andrew when I found out - he tries to make everything better. Gizmo was an amazing cat who helped me through all the hard times in life. Very loving cat. 

All of our cats will be forever loved and forever missed! They weren't just pets, they are part of the family and it's just as hard as losing anyone else in the family!! 

The year will continue on! I'll write more later -I'm behind on my LJ but have been writing in my own journal at least.



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